ICA Hi III: Sakura Performance

Konichiwa, Juniors!

For your first performance quiz, you have to sing the traditional Japanese song, “Sakura”, with your group mates.  Please make sure you:

  1. Memorize the lyrics.
  2. Add movement that will enhance the song.
  3. Use one Japanese object as your prop and incorporate this into your movement.

You will be given a few minutes to practice on the day of the quiz.  However, it is best to come ready in my class so please practice during your own time.

The lyrics:

The score:

A link for listening:

It’s slower than how we sing it in class, and the choral arrangement is a bit creepy, but it’s better than nothing.  http://youtube.com/watch?v=IKTRnO7SV68

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2 thoughts on “ICA Hi III: Sakura Performance

  1. merri says:

    T.T highschool…take videos of their performances and upload it here O.O ^_^

  2. Just want to say, “hi, Alma!”

    Yer bud, Hugh

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